Dragon's Nest

Adventures in Lala Land

$ 7.00 


Dragon's Nest handcrafted soap is like having your own pet dragon who gives you a bath whenever you want! Ok, ok, so maybe not a real pet dragon - but like an awesome fake dragon who swoops into your shower and says "Hey buddy! Don't you need a dragon to wash your back?" and you're all like, "yeah! get it going dragon!" and so he gives you the most amazing back rub you've ever had.  And in case you're wondering - dragon's also smell super good. They're like a blend of spices, vanilla, musk and a hint of hippie (all those colors you see in their scales are totally because they experienced the 60s).  

Saponified Coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, shea butter, green, yellow & red mica, & dragon's blood fragrance oil blend

Net Weight: 5 oz

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