Bad Day To Be A Goldfish

Adventures in Lala Land

$ 17.50 


Mr. Goldfish was just chillin', swimming around in his fishbowl, when what should happen? A whole bunch of cats come poking around his pad. Literally. Not knowing what to do he hid beneath his plastic sea anemone. These cats meant business, or did they? One finally spoke up, "Hey, Mr. Goldfish? Your waterbowl is mighty tasty looking - do you mind if we have a little drink?" Mr. Goldfish thought for a minute and then forgot what he was doing.  He looked up and saw bunches of cats lapping up his precious water. "Yahhhhhh!!" screamed the Goldfish.  The cats stopped lapping the water and stared at him. Mr. Goldfish swam up to the cats and spit water in the face of what looked to be their leader.  The cat sputtered and pushed his face closer to the goldfish, reached out his paw and slapped the water next to the goldfish. Mr. Goldfish began spinning out of control. The cats laughed and watched him flounder - he righted himself and looked up.  Having forgot the cats presence, he screamed again. The cats looked at each other and realized that this was the best game ever! "Don't worry Mr. Goldfish, we won't hurt you...we're just going to play a little. Relax. You won't remember a thing".

Print 11x14 including white matte (does not include frame)

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