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Hey all!

My name is Laura and I'm the Chief Awesome Maker at Lala Land.  I started this business for the sole purpose of making people happy!  It all started back in 2006 when I had the opportunity to be a part of a non profit that took me to Ghana for 8 weeks.  That adventure completely changed the way I looked at everything!  When I returned back to my corporate job in compensation & facility security, I just couldn't see why I was doing it anymore. I didn't "fit" any longer.  All I wanted to do was bring people the same joy that I saw in Ghana.  The people that I stayed with had zippo - little food, little money and terrible jobs (like breaking rocks...seriously!). Still, with nothing, they were SO much happier than practically everyone back at home.  It's my hope that these astonishingly beautiful handcrafted products can bring a little happiness to whoever receives them. 

I of course can't do this amazingness all by myself!  I have the wonderful pleasure to work with my incredible mother!  I know most people couldn't work with their mom's, but thankfully mine is pretty great.  She's incredibly talented and creative and a lot of the inspiration behind what we do here at Lala Land.  When I suddenly had this crazy dream of a business she was all about it.  We joined the Handcrafted Cosmetics and Soaping Guild to learn all we could about soaping and the rest is history! We started making soap and branched out into a ton of awesome bath stuff...I seriously can't get enough of this stuff. It makes me so happy to create something that's so beautiful but is also super practical and useful - everyone needs soap right?! And to make them with great ingredients that are good for you too is just the cherry on top of an already awesome sundae! 

We're super excited to bring you even more amazing handcrafted items - so stay tuned for some brand new products that will blow your mind and bring a smile to anyone's face!


You might see some of these faces from time to time - as without them I would be adrift at sea.


My son, who makes me laugh without even trying & my husband, who is my greatest supporter and my dearest friend.  Without him there would be no Lala Land or my sweet Grape - and life without a Grape is no life at all. 

We appreciate and LOVE each and every one of our awesome Lala Landers...The world is a crazy beautiful, wonderful place -- If you love being happy and love making others happy, come join us in the adventure!!

Thanks for being awesome!!

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