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We did it! At the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild Conference in Las Vegas, NV, we not only won the "Something Different" category, but we also won "Best in Show"!! To celebrate, we're giving our amazing customers 15% off your entire order!! You can use the code BESTINSHOW at checkout to get this amazing deal - and you can use it as many times as you want!! So if you've ever wanted to try our goodies - now is the time!

Wonder how we made this crazy amazing soap concoction?? I'm happy to share some of our techniques - read on if you're curious or if you're like me, really badly want to know how we managed to pull it off.  

An idea is born:

Having been to several soap conferences before, Mom and I knew what to expect. We knew there would be amazing courses, crazy awesome friends, great deals from vendor suppliers and of course, the Soapers Showcase. It's here that soapers from around the world show off their hard work and skill (click here to see other entries). We were in it to win it. We spent several weeks coming up with our plan of action and finally decided that a full Italian dinner was the way to go. 

We figured that making the lasagna would work out best if we made it similarly to the way you make actual lasagna. We first melted some white MP and added a small bit of yellow to give it that nice noodle color. Then we poured it on to freezer paper in a thin puddle, making sure to layer it a bit so the thickness of the noodles matched actual noodles. Then we simply cut the edges out to match the size of the lasagna we wanted with a rippled edged dough cutter.

Once we had our noodles, we then had to make meat. We used the rest of the melted MP from the noodles and added some dark brown mica to it to give it a kind of chocolate color. Then chopped it up into meaty chunks. It still looked too much like chocolate so we then coated the chunks in the rest of the dark brown mica just like you would use a wash when you're painting to give it some depth. This worked and we were happy with the result. We melted some more MP and added some oregano to it to make the ricotta. We let it set up a bit until it was a nice gooey consistency, just like actual ricotta. Then we needed to make the spaghetti sauce. We took a bit of clear MP, and added a bit of the dark brown mica to it. Then we pre mixed up some hot pink mica and some red clay in some oil to get just the right color of bright red (almost like a fire engine), then added it to the clear/brown MP we had melted. Once stirred it was perfect as the sauce and we could get to work layering up the lasagna.

Above you can see the meat after the wash, and the ricotta was added to the noodles before layering on the meat. The sauce was then used as a kind of glue to stick the layers together, using a bit of rubbing alcohol to make sure everything stuck well. 

Layer by layer we set up the lasagna; noodle, ricotta, meat, sauce, shredded white soap for cheese until we had a nice stack of soap that looked pretty good. It still wasn't real looking enough so we took a heat gun and, for lack of a better word, artfully melted it to look like an actual lasagna.

Satisfied with the result, we then topped it with some more oregano to give it the finishing touch. In case anyone is curious - we also scented all layers with some basil oil so it smelled like lasagna too!

Now that we had our lasagna, we needed some side dishes. We decided that a salad was the way to go. We mixed up some green shades of micas to match a head of romaine lettuce we had on hand ranging from a mostly white green to a dark green. We used a bit of neon green to get the right shade to it, and some pearled green mica to get the shine that lettuce has. Mixing in white MP or clear MP depending upon the darkness or paleness of the green we wanted. Then, we literally used the lettuce itself as our mold! We didn't pour the colors we had made, instead we painted them on just like a sculpture. The painting of the soap gave us the flexibility to change colors and blend just like you would if you were painting a picture, and also kept the soap thin enough that it would have the consistency of lettuce.

Then we peeled the soap off of the romaine after tossing it in the fridge for a bit to cool, creating perfect pieces of soapy lettuce!

We needed some fixings for the salad, so we used the rest of the soap we had made, cut out some of the lighter green into cucumber shaped circles and half circles and then painted the outer edge of the circles the darker green to look like an actual cucumber. Then made some black, and literally rolled it like a rolling pin on to a pencil to form our olives. We then just had to slice them thin enough to look like the real thing. In the picture above where we're painting the lettuce, you can also see a strange purple tube - this was our silicone mold we made of actual french bread. We toasted the actual bread until it was hard as a rock, and then used silicone to form a mold around the bread. When we pulled it out we had a perfect mold to pour some off white soap into. It still looked a bit like pork after painting a light brown soap around the edges, so we added a bit of yellow to the top for butter and some more oregano for the look of garlic bread. Then used some flour around the crust of our soap to mute the shiny parts of the soap so it looked more like actual bread. The dressing was the easiest part! Just took the rest of our ricotta, melted it, and added in some red pepper flakes for appearance, pouring it into the porcelain dish we got specifically for this event to match the plate. 

Plating it is the best part - we just pretended we were on HGTV and had our own cooking show. I don't recommend eating this one though, no matter how tasty it looks!

So there you have it!! A full Italian Lasagna dinner made entirely out of soap! We're super proud of our creation and hope it inspires you to do something just as crazy!!

As always,

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