A Lala Land Review: "MyShower" Bath Storage

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I have had the fabulous opportunity to review a new product for your bathroom! The brand is "MyShower" (http://www.myshower.com/) - and they have all sorts of nifty bath storage helpers! The kind of storage that doesn't take up even more room on your floors or counters...sure you can put more stuff in it but you now have less floor room.  In this case, MyShower has the kind of storage that sticks to the walls, or your mirror, or the shower itself. I was lucky enough to get to try out all of them, but here are a few of my favorites.

The MySoap holder is truly my favorite thing.  I honestly would love to talk to them and see if I can't offer this beauty myself!  Its genius. With handcrafted soap you really need to keep it out of the water.  This not only does that, but it also keeps your bath tub from getting all soap scummy.  Plus its nice because its hanging right on the wall right where you need it! I honestly love it...I want more of them...one for me and one for my husband. We both like to use different soaps because we like different fragrances and this would be a perfect way to keep them separate and out of the water.  In addition to that I want a third one because I also use our bar soao as a shampoo.  So seriously...long story short, I love this and you should totally get it.

The MyGrip is probably my second favorite of the MyShower products. My husband always uses a separate shampoo than I do as I haven't quite gotten him convinced that you can actually wash your hair with a bar of soap.  So his big bottle of shampoo fits perfectly on the wall now instead of on the ledge of the bath.  He tells me its "convenient" so that means he likes it.  It's placed at his eye level so he can pop the bottom open and get his shampoo easily without even having to remove the bottle from the holster.  Pretty nifty.  They have all sorts of other hooks like this one (MyHandstand and MyHolder) for odd shaped bottles - so if my hubby ever decides to change bottles I'd use those and get the same effect.  Quite nifty and again, keeps your shower all clean. 

My third favorite is the MySmile and MyHook.  My son has a perfect little bedtime routine that includes brushing his teeth. We have this right at his level (stool height) so he can pick it up and do his thing and feel like a big boy all at the same time. I'm pretty sure he loves it because he always puts it back where its supposed to go and then claps for himself.  A job well done.  While the MyHook is technically supposed to be for loofah's and things, this worked rather well for our weirdly sized tube of toothpaste.  And to bring it back to the MySoap holder...if I got yet another one of those it would probably work even better. 

They also have a MyShave that I used - it works for any type of razor. It definitely worked and served its purpose but with all the things now gripping to my shower walls I felt like it was overkill. 

So with all that said, I really like these products and find them to be super cool.  And I'm not just saying that.  I really do think that its a perfect way to store your stuff without getting all cluttered up. I think the only thing missing would be if they made something like a MyBasket or something so you could put scrubs and other products that don't fit in their hooks and holsters. That's probably where I would put my electric razor too since it doesn't fit in the MyShave.  Overall I give the products an 9 out of 10 - if they added the basket I think I could give it a 10.  They are super convenient, work with any type of product, and are interchangeable so if you change a product or your product switches bottles on you, you have a way to store it. 

I'd love to know what you think! Have you tried these? if not, what do you use to store your bath stuff?

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