My Super Mom Moment

Seeing that we just had Mother's Day I wanted to share my proud moment with all of you.  My Mother's Day was filled with awesome of course - since my kids are of course the best and most wonderful kids to ever exist (no bias there of course!).  I got to sleep in while Daddy took care of the kids, and then I got to read my book while the babies napped (so quiet!!).  Then because we have the coolest family around, we got to visit with my Mom to celebrate how awesome she is AND visit with my husbands Mama to celebrate how awesome she is too!  It was perfect! We had a drink at both grandparents houses and the little one's got to hang out with their grandparents which is always a good time.  My Dad especially enjoyed it since he has a crazy busy schedule and doesn't always get to see the little one's.  On the way home from my in-law's place I was struck by just how awesome it really is that we live so close to our family that we can stop by both sets of parents and still have a whole day to ourselves.  We are extremely blessed that everyone gets along and we all have family events together...Easter is spent with my husbands family including all the aunt's and uncles on the east coast (we all meet in Delaware). Mother's and Father's Day we can spend with our actual Mother's and still have time to celebrate with our own family.  Birthday's are huge celebrations including cousins! And of course Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite since we get the whole family on both sides together to celebrate.  I feel so incredibly blessed ALL the time to have the family that I do.

But of course that's not my proud moment I wanted to share with all of you.  Today while making 3 batches of soap (pictured above), I held a nursing baby, peeled and helped feed a banana to my oldest, all while stirring and making colors for the batches while my mother did the stick blending, and then added the mica swirls on top of the soap ALL while nursing my youngest.  It was my super mom moment! I was so proud of was a little odd...I mean I'm sure you can get the picture easily enough...but I was so proud that I was able to do all of that while working that I just had to share it.  Trust me...I'm not always this awesome.  I was then able to come home and get my oldest down for a nap. Came downstairs and while holding the youngest because of course she didn't want to be in her chair, made dinner for tonight in the crock pot.  Oh yeah!!

Of course I still feel like I have 800 things to do since I still have tons of work to do for my part time FSO gig and of course updating this fine website is always on my list of things to do. And yet...I am still rather proud of myself for getting done what I've gotten done.  Wooooooo!

Do you have a moment like this? Where you felt like you were God's gift to parenting?  Tell me!!! I think its always nice to share your wins...even if they're silly to everyone else but you!

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