Enjoy the Little Things: Spring is Here!!

It is so important to enjoy the little things in life!! If you do, it really can make life pretty epic.  Every day gifts of kindness, appreciation, and support can brighten you day and the day of the person who receives them.  Right now I'm experiencing the gift of appreciation for our beautiful planet! I'm so unbelievably excited that Spring has finally come!! Winter can be beautiful, still, and calming - but oh my goodness is Spring the best thing ever after a super long winter!!

With our new found warm world, it was the perfect opportunity to take my son out for a walk.  He LOVES the outside as any little boy should.  In fact, his very first word was "outside" - it surprised all of us.  We were heading out the door of my in-laws place.  Grape was being held by his Grandpa and surrounded by me, Daddy, and his Nana. We were all talking about the vacation we were about to take in Connecticut (where my husbands extended family all live) and Grape couldn't stand all the waiting I suppose and yelled out "OUTSIDE!" and pointed to the door.  He was only a year old and the clarity of his declaration completely astounded us.  Baffled, Grandpa laughed and said "Outside it is!" and took him out the door.  I have never seen a baby so happy with himself.  He didn't say the word again (he's now almost 2)...so I'm pretty sure he was just as surprised as we were when he said something and we understood what he wanted. 

On our walk outside, Grape got to visit his two favorite trees out front of the row of townhouses we live in.  He yells at the bark of one tree and picks at it a bit, laughs, then heads to the other one to do the same.  Then he immediately runs up the hill and around to the path that heads around the townhouses to the great open public space behind them.  There he can run around to his hearts content, and was even lucky enough to find a puddle!! What luck!! He was so happy with just running about we didn't bother with the playground that is right up the hill...but I'm sure we'll have plenty more time for that this Spring (and I'm certain I won't be able to resist sharing it with all of you). 

So without further adieu, here's some cute baby pictures of a Grape enjoying his first taste of Spring 2015 - they certainly brighten my day...I hope yours too!

When you're a little man, all you need is a book, a stick, a puddle and a bright sunshiny day to make you smile!

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